N6ACH x-kd6dks CM97 San Joaquin County

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Quad Antenna Design Calculator (a javascript html)

Dipole Inverted V Antenna Design Calculator (a javascript html)

Antenna System Evaluator (a javascript html)

State Self Storage Lien laws

Lake Alpine Campground (this is where we love to camping.)


The trip of 2002 To Texas and back with 3 teenagers loaded up in a van.


The trip of 2003 To Washington, Alaska, Edmonton (with 2 teenage girls we had to stay at the mall), Yellowstone. What a road trip!

Road Trip Map The road trip of 2004. OK, we did Alaska in 2003....what could we do to top that???? How about Florida! We drove to Fort Walton Beach Florida via Yuma, El Paso, Fort Worth, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, to Fort Walton Beach. We came home via Bowling Green, Springfield Mo., Amarillo, Flagstaff, Tonopah. Over 6000 miles, 16 states in 18 days. We are having too much fun.
map road trip 2004